Are Corgis Good for First-Time Owners?

Are Corgis Good for First-Time Owners?

Corgis, known for their cute and appealing looks, have been experiencing a surge in popularity among prospective owners. Their friendly and outgoing temperament makes them a potential match for first-time owners seeking a social and interactive companion. However, it’s important to consider the breed’s challenging aspects and the commitment required in owning a Corgi.

Corgis can be good for first-time owners due to their intelligent and affectionate nature but they require proper training and socialization. Prospective owners should carefully consider their own needs and lifestyle before deciding if a Corgi is the right fit. Taking into account the individual dog’s needs, matching them with suitable owners becomes crucial for a harmonious companionship.

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Are Corgis Good for First-Time Owners?

When it comes to selecting a pet, Corgis are an excellent option for first-time owners. These dogs possess a unique combination of energy and a strong-willed personality, which adds a vibrant and lively touch to any household.

While they may not be considered low-maintenance, Corgis bring an abundance of love and fun to their owners’ lives. Understanding the characteristics and needs of this specific breed is crucial for a new owner to provide the necessary attention and care.

Welsh Corgis, in particular, are exceptional dogs known for their distinct and charming nature. They have the ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the house, filling it with joy and happiness.

Taking the time, patience, and effort to meet the requirements of these remarkable canines will result in a deep and fulfilling bond. Corgis truly stand out as a breed that can bring immense love, companionship, and entertainment to first-time owners who are ready to embrace their unique qualities.

Why Are Corgis Good First Dogs?

Some of Corgi’s traits make it easier for a new owner than other breeds. Here are a few pros:


Corgis, known as medium-sized dogs, have an average weight of around 30 pounds. They are often recommended for first-time owners seeking a small or medium-sized dog due to their manageable size.

One of the advantages of choosing a smaller breed during the training process is the ease of control. Smaller puppies and dogs are generally more manageable, allowing owners to train them with greater efficiency.

Are Corgis Good for First-Time Owners?

Moreover, smaller dogs tend to be less expensive in terms of food requirements, which can be beneficial for owners looking to manage their expenses while providing proper nourishment. Overall, the size of Corgis makes them an ideal choice for first-time owners, offering a balance between manageability and companionship.


The coat of a Corgi is one of its notable features. Grooming a Corgi’s coat is relatively easy and doesn’t require frequent trims, which helps save on expense and care time. Regular brushing of their fur once or twice a week helps control shedding, ensuring a cleaner living environment.

Bathing is usually necessary only when the Corgi gets muddy, reducing the need for frequent baths. Overall, Corgis have a low-maintenance coat, making them an excellent choice as first dogs for those looking for a manageable grooming routine.

Outgoing and Friendly

Corgis, known for their friendly and outgoing nature, are excellent companions for both people and other dogs. These adorable creatures love to interact with people, making them ideal first dogs for families or individuals seeking loving and sociable pets. Corgis are well-socialized, which means they are comfortable in various social settings and are less likely to engage in fights or aggressive behavior.

Their positive and approachable attitude allows them to happily mingle with strangers, displaying no signs of fear or aggression. Whether it’s meeting new friends at the park or greeting visitors at home, Corgis radiates a welcoming and amiable demeanor.

Their outgoing nature, paired with their inherent friendliness, makes them a popular choice among dog lovers. With Corgis, you can be assured of a furry companion who is both outgoing and friendly, bringing joy and warmth to your life.

Good with Children

Corgis are an excellent choice for families with children due to their natural affinity for kids and their playful nature. These dogs require proper socializing to ensure their safety around children, which is true for all dog breeds. It is important, however, to supervise their interactions until the child is old enough to handle the dog responsibly and there is mutual trust between the two.

Corgis, like other dogs, have a loving and energetic personality that can be a perfect match for a child’s active lifestyle. Furthermore, their shorter height makes playtime easier and more enjoyable for little kids. With their high energy levels and friendly disposition, Corgis provide a delightful play companion for children, creating a lasting bond between them.

Pretty Common

Corgis are a popular choice for first-time dog owners due to their commonality and availability. The ease of buying and adopting these dogs makes it convenient for individuals seeking a pet.

Why Are Corgis Not Good First Dogs?

Corgis, being a common breed, offer multiple options to prospective owners, allowing them to meet and explore different possibilities before making a decision. This availability and variety prevent individuals from settling for the first dog they encounter, ensuring they can find the perfect fit for their preferences and lifestyle.

The ease of adopting a Corgi as a first-time owner is attributed to their common presence in the dog breeds market. Their popularity and widespread availability make it easier to connect with breeders or adoption centers.

Additionally, having multiple options allows potential owners to explore different Corgis, ensuring they find a dog that matches their expectations and requirements.

Why Are Corgis Not Good First Dogs?

Those pros sound pretty good—but what about the cons? Here are some things to consider before you commit.

Corgis Are Stubborn

Corgis, known for their stubborn streak, require dedicated work and training to build a strong and good relationship. Despite their strong opinions, Corgis are eager to share their affection and loyalty.

Breaking bad habits can be tough, but with consistent training and patience, Corgis can overcome any challenges. It is important to understand that Corgis’ independence may make training difficult at times.

However, with the right approach and guidance, Corgis can become well-behaved companions. Walking all over you is a behavior that can be prevented through proper training and establishing boundaries. By investing time and effort in building a positive relationship, Corgis can thrive and become wonderful family pets.

High Training Needs

Corgis, with their herding background, possess strong instincts that require appropriate channeling through training and socialization. It is crucial for Corgis to undergo proper training to prevent potential issues such as overprotectiveness and dominance towards children and other pets.

As a brand new owner, you should be prepared to invest both time and money in professional training for your Corgi, ensuring a well-behaved and balanced dog.

Due to their herding instincts, Corgis have high training needs. Without proper guidance and socialization, they can exhibit overprotective behavior and may try to dominate children and other pets.

It is essential for new Corgi owners to allocate sufficient time and financial resources to provide professional training for their furry companions. This investment in training will contribute to a harmonious relationship and prevent any potential behavioral issues that may arise.

Nippy or Mouthy

Corgis, known for their herding dog traits, can sometimes exhibit problem behaviors such as being mouthy or nippy when they become excited. However, it’s important to note that not all Corgis display these tendencies.

If you have other pets or small children, it’s crucial to be vigilant for signs that your Corgi may engage in playful behavior where they use their mouth first.

To ensure a harmonious environment, it is recommended to promptly train Corgis away from this behavior. By addressing and redirecting their tendency to be mouthy or nippy, you can cultivate a well-behaved and friendly companion for your family and other pets.


Corgis, known for their distinctive appearance and playful nature, is a popular breed of dog among pet enthusiasts. Their bark, though not the loudest, showcases their vocal and expressive nature. These dogs have a unique ability to communicate their happiness through their barks, which can be surprisingly loud and deep for their small size.

Why Are Corgis Not Good First Dogs?

While some may find barking dogs bothersome. Thus, when considering Corgis as a first-time pet, it is important to acknowledge their inherent vocal tendencies and embrace their spirited communication style, which is an integral part of their breed’s characteristics.

Lots of Time and Energy Needed

Corgis are not your typical couch potatoes; they are energetic and lively dogs that require ample time and energy. Regular walking and engaging playtime are essential for this breed to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Additionally, Corgis thrive on social interaction and require significant social time with their human companions. They are not fond of being left home alone for long stretches of time.

Therefore, it is crucial for potential owners to have sufficient availability in their schedule to meet the needs of this high-energy breed. Neglecting to provide the necessary time and attention may lead to behavioral issues and discontentment in Corgis. Hence, it is important to consider the breed’s specific requirements before making a decision to bring a Corgi into your home.

Tips For Having a Corgi as a Beginner Dog Owner

Socialize Your Corgi Puppy

Socializing your Corgi puppy early on is essential for developing positive behaviors and desirable traits. It’s important to start this process as soon as your puppy completes its initial set of vaccines.

Corgis Socilazation

By introducing your Corgi to different people, animals, and dogs, you provide valuable opportunities for social interaction and learning. Taking your puppy to local dog parks can be a beneficial way to expose them to a variety of canine companions. During these introductions, focus on reinforcing positive behaviors through rewards and praise.

In addition to introducing your Corgi to different people and animals, provide them with opportunities to engage in appropriate play and interactions. This helps them understand appropriate social cues and boundaries.

By gradually exposing your Corgi to new experiences and environments, you can help them grow into a well-rounded adult dog who is comfortable in various social settings.

Take Training Seriously

When it comes to training your Corgi, it is important to be patient and persistent. Sign up for obedience classes or take the initiative to train your dog yourself. Either way, it is crucial to take training seriously and commit to it consistently.

Start with basic obedience training, which will help your Corgi learn to listen to your commands. Remember, being tough and assertive with your dog doesn’t mean being aggressive or harsh.

Instead, maintain a firm and patient approach when teaching your Corgi new skills, ensuring that it understands your expectations. This will facilitate the learning process and establish a strong bond between you and your furry companion.

Corgis respond best to trainers who are assertive yet kind. By being consistent in your training efforts and providing regular sessions, you can effectively manage your Corgi’s attitude and behavior.

Emphasize positive reinforcement and create a nurturing environment for learning. With time and dedication, your Corgi will thrive under your guidance, becoming a well-trained and obedient companion.

Groom Your Corgi Regularly

Regularly grooming your Corgi is crucial to ensuring its well-being and comfort. By taking the time to manage your Corgi’s coat, you can keep its fur clean, healthy, and free from mats or tangles. Opting to groom your Corgi yourself not only helps you save money but also allows you to develop a strong bond with your furry companion.

Corgi Grooming

Although grooming a Corgi can be challenging, especially when it comes to bathing, with regular practice and consistency, you can make the experience enjoyable for both you and your dog.

By gradually introducing your Corgi to the grooming routine, including brushing and washing, you can help them overcome any initial resistance or fear. Be patient and gentle, understanding that some dogs may be stubborn or hesitant at first.

Investing in the services of a professional groomer is also a great option to ensure your Corgi receives top-notch care. These experienced individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle various coat types and address specific grooming needs.

Not only will your Corgi look and feel great after a professional grooming session, but you can also rely on their expertise to spot any potential health issues or irregularities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to own a corgi?

Owning a Corgi can be both rewarding and challenging. These dogs possess high intelligence and eagerness to please, making them an extremely trainable breed.

Are corgis low maintenance?

Corgis are generally considered to be low-maintenance house dogs, but there are specific aspects that require attention.

Are corgis hard to train?

Their intelligence makes them easy to teach, but it’s essential to be firm in their training approach.

What is the downside of corgis?

The downside of owning a Corgi is that they require regular exercise. To keep them happy and healthy, it’s recommended to provide them with exercise twice per day.

Final Thoughts

When considering Corgis as a breed for first-time owners, their friendly nature and love of play make them a great choice. Corgis have a reputation for being sociable and amiable, which makes them well-suited for individuals who are new to owning a dog.

However, potential owners should be aware of their training needs and be prepared to invest time and effort in meeting these requirements. By understanding and fulfilling the list of needs specific to the breed, new owners can create a positive and fulfilling experience with their Corgi companion.

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