Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Are you searching for an intelligent, agile, and highly trainable dog breed? If so, the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix might be your perfect pet. Also known as the Border Aussie or the Australian Collie, this breed is a result of crossing the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd.

We will provide a detailed overview of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix. We will discuss their physical and behavioral characteristics, grooming requirements, and nutritional needs. Additionally, we will explore their trainability, exercise needs, and potential health issues.

Physically, the dog is a medium-sized breed with a muscular and agile body. Behaviorally, the breed is an active and intelligent breed that requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. It is possible to train them to perform various activities such as obedience, agility, and herding due to their high trainability. Their excellent companionship and ability to behave with children and other animals make them great pet companions. However, they can be wary of strangers and may require early socialization and training to prevent behavioral issues.

With the help of renowned dog breeders and trainers, we have provided the most accurate and reliable information about this breed. So, sit back, relax, and read on to discover why the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is one of the most popular designer breeds in the world.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Origin and History

Border-Aussie or Aussie-Collie is a crossbreed between the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. Working ability, intelligence, and loyalty are the hallmarks of both parent breeds. The Border Collie originated in the border regions of England and Scotland, where it was bred to herd sheep. In the United States, the Australian Shepherd was developed for ranching and farming.

Combining these two breeds results in a highly trainable and adaptable dog that excels in various activities, from obedience training to agility competitions. The origins and history of both parent breeds play a significant role in understanding the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix’s unique characteristics and temperament. Looking back at their past will help us understand how they became the beloved breed they are today.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Features

Height18 inches – 23 inches
Weight30 lbs. – 65 lbs.
Lifespan10 to 17 years
Coat TypeDouble, Medium-Length, Thick, Long or Short, Rough or Short, Smooth
TemperamentSocial, Clever, Playful, Smart, Athletic, Intelligent, Energetic
Breed GroupHerding 
Breed SizeMedium
Energy LevelHigh
ColorsBlue, Hazel Brown, Black, Marbled, Merle
Suitable ForEnergetic, Demanding, Great Watchdogs,
OtherEasy to Train, Loyal,  Friendly, Good with  Children, Gentle

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What Does an Australian Shepherd Border Collie Look Like?

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Size & Life Span

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a medium to large-sized dog breed. They can weigh between 30 and 65 pounds and range in height from 18 to 23 inches, depending on their parent’s genes.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

They have a muscular and agile body, perfect for various physical activities like hiking, jogging, or herding.

The life span of Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is around 10 to 17 years. Their life expectancy can vary according to their health and lifestyle. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper care can help extend their life span.

Aussie Border Collie Mix Coat and Color

The coat of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is thick and dense, which protects against harsh weather conditions. They have a double coat, a soft undercoat, and a coarser outer coat. The coat length can vary from short to medium, depending on their parent’s genes.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

It is important to maintain the health of the coat of these dogs since they shed moderately to heavily. The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix comes in various colors: solid, bi-color, tri-color, or merle. The most common colors are red merle, blue merle, and black and white. Their coat can also have markings like tan or brindle, and their parent’s genes usually determine their coat color.

Border Collie Aussie Mix Facial Features

Australian Shepherd Border Collie

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix has expressive, alert eyes that are typically medium to large. In addition to blue and brown, they can come in various colors, including green, amber, or combinations of these colors. Some dogs may have heterochromia, meaning each eye is a different color. Their eyes are set wide apart and have a friendly and intelligent expressions.

Your dog’s ears are typically medium and can be erect or semi-erect, and they are triangular and set high on the dog’s head. The ear color can be the same as the coat color, or they may have a different color or pattern.

The nose is usually black or liver-colored, with large and open nostrils. The mouth is firm and can hold toys or other objects with ease.

They are a solid and healthy set of teeth for chewing and playing. Scissor bites mean the upper teeth are overlapped by the lower teeth. The health of their teeth and gums depends on regular dental care.

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Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Temperament

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is a highly trainable, active, and loyal breed. The dogs excel in obedience and agility training, and they enjoy working. These dogs thrive in environments where they can expend their boundless energy, such as on a farm or in a large yard. They are also known for their protective nature and make excellent watchdogs.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie

But what makes the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix stand out from other breeds? This article will delve deeper into their temperament, discussing their energy levels, intelligence, loyalty, and socialization needs. We will also hear from expert dog trainers and breeders to better understand what it takes to raise a happy and healthy Border Aussie.

Keep reading if you are considering adding this breed to your family or are simply curious about this fascinating breed! We will explore everything you need to know about their temperament, from their unique personality traits to their exercise and socialization requirements.

For training tips on your Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, watch this video:

Border Collie Aussie Mix Common Health Problems & Care


  1. Hip dysplasia
  2. Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia, which affects the hip joint and can lead to arthritis and lameness. This condition is genetic, so getting your dog from a reputable breeder who conducts health screenings is essential.

Aussie Border Collie Mix

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) is a genetic condition affecting Border Collies’ eyes. Milder to severe, it can sometimes result in blindness. Once again, choosing a breeder that conducts health screenings is critical.

Border Collies and Australian Shepherds can be prone to epilepsy, a neurological condition that can cause seizures. Medications can help manage this condition, but working closely with your veterinarian is crucial.

Blindness is caused by PRA, a genetic condition that causes degeneration of the retina. It’s more common in Border Collies than in Australian Shepherds. Signs of PRA include night blindness, dilated pupils, and a lack of shine in the eyes.


Aussie Border Collie Mix

Border Collie Australian Shepherds are a unique and active breed that requires special care and attention. These dogs are brilliant and known for their herding abilities, loyalty, and affection towards their owners.

Health and happiness are dependent on proper care for them. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, grooming, socialization, and training are among the elements that make up a healthy lifestyle.

Border Collie Australian Shepherds require at least 1-2 hours of exercise daily. High-quality dog food is rich in essential nutrients, regular brushing and bathing to maintain their thick double coat, and positive reinforcement training to encourage good behavior. Additionally, they should receive regular vet checkups to maintain their health. Providing them with proper care ensures your puppy lives long, healthy, and happy.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Grooming

Do Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Shed?

Yes, the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix can shed. The Border Collie and Australian Shepherd breeds have thick, double-layered coats designed to protect them from the elements, so their offspring will likely inherit this trait. Border Collie Australian Shepherd mixes shed differently, but it is safe to say that they are not hypoallergenic.     

Although dogs shed naturally, it can be managed, even though it cannot be avoided completely. It is possible to reduce shedding by grooming your dog regularly, including brushing and bathing. A healthy diet and regular exercise can also promote healthy skin and coats, which can help reduce shedding.


Regular brushing is essential for the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, as these dogs have thick, double-layered coats prone to shedding. Brushing your dog’s coat can help remove loose hair, dirt, and debris while promoting healthy skin and coat.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Grooming

Brushing your breed at least once a week is recommended, using a high-quality brush designed for their thick coat. You may also want to use a de-shedding tool or undercoat rake to help remove any loose undercoat.

When brushing, work toward hair growth and use gentle, circular motions. Specifically, pay attention to tangles and mats behind the ears, under the legs, and at the tail. Gently work out any mats or tangles with your fingers or a mat comb if you encounter them.

In addition to regular brushing, it’s important to bathe your dog as needed, using a mild shampoo designed for dogs. If your dog’s coat is damp, rinse thoroughly and completely dry it to prevent irritation or infection.


When bathing your Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, it’s essential to use a mild dog shampoo explicitly designed for their coat type. Avoid using human shampoo or other harsh products, as these can dry out your dog’s skin and cause irritation.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Ensure that loose hair, dirt, and debris are removed from your dog’s coat before bathing. This will help to prevent matting and tangles, which can be difficult to remove once wet. Your dog’s coat should be wetted with lukewarm water, avoiding the face and ears.

Apply the shampoo to your dog’s coat, working it into a lather and covering all areas of the coat. To remove all traces of shampoo, thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water. You should thoroughly rinse your dog’s coat to avoid skin irritation or dryness caused by leftover shampoo.

After bathing, use a towel to dry your Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix to avoid rubbing or pulling on their coat. However, don’t place the dryer too close to him or overheat him. Regular bathing can help keep your Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix looking and feeling their best while promoting healthy skin and coat. Following these tips and using gentle, dog-specific products can ensure a safe and effective bathing experience for your furry friend.

Trimming Nails & Ear Cleaning

Keeping your Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix’s nails trimmed and ears clean is essential for maintaining overall health and hygiene. Trimming nails is crucial to prevent your dog’s nails from growing too long, which can cause discomfort and pain and even lead to nail bed infections. In addition, keeping their ears clean will prevent ear infections, hearing problems, and other issues related to their ears.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Nail Trimming

You can use a nail clipper designed specifically for dogs to trim your dog’s nails. You can also use a Dremel tool to file your nails down gradually. The quick and pink parts of the nail are covered with blood vessels and nerves, so do not cut them. Cutting quickly can be painful and may cause bleeding. If your dog’s nails are black, making it challenging to see the quick, take minor cuts until you see a black dot in the center of the nail, which indicates the beginning of the quick.

To clean your dog’s ears:                                                               

  1. Use a cotton ball or a soft cloth and a gentle ear-cleaning solution recommended by your vet.
  2. Avoid using Q-tips or other cotton swabs, as they can damage your dog’s eardrum.
  3. Gently wipe the inside of your dog’s ear flap and the ear canal entrance with the solution-soaked cotton ball.
  4. The ear canal of your dog should never be inserted with anything.
  5. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog shows any signs of discomfort, redness, or discharge.

It’s essential to handle these grooming tasks with care and patience. Treats and praise can help your dog feel more comfortable and stress-free during these experiences. A professional groomer or veterinarian can provide more information about trimming your dog’s nails and cleaning their ears.

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What does Australian Shepherd Mix eat?

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, also known as Border Aussies, need a well-balanced and nutritious diet to maintain their energy levels and overall health.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Eating

Carbohydrates should be obtained from whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats, chicken, lamb, beef, and fish. Fats from healthy sources like fish, flaxseed, and chicken fat are also essential for their diet. Fruits and vegetables like broccoli, spinach, apples, and blueberries contain vitamins and minerals.

Feeding them twice daily, in the morning and evening, will prevent overeating and maintain a consistent feeding schedule. The essential nutrient protein is essential for the growth, maintenance, and repair of tissues in dogs. Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix needs high-quality protein from animal sources, such as chicken, lamb, beef, and fish. It’s recommended to feed them a diet that contains at least 18% protein for adult dogs and 22% protein for puppies.

How Much Should You Feed a Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Appropriately feeding a Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix dog is crucial for maintaining their overall health and preventing obesity. Age, weight, activity level, and overall health can determine the type of food they need. As a general guideline, adult Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix dogs should consume 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry dog food daily, divided into two meals.

 Puppies, on the other hand, require more frequent meals, usually three to four times a day, and the amount of food should be adjusted according to their weight and age. A person who wants to maintain a healthy weight must monitor and adjust their food intake accordingly. In addition to joint issues, diabetes, and heart disease, obesity can cause various health problems. Consult your veterinarian for guidance regarding how much your puppy should be fed.

Is an Australian Shepherd Mix Right for You?

While Border Collie Australian Shepherd mixes can make great companions, they require much time, effort, and attention. First-time dog owners or those incapable of providing enough exercise or mental stimulation should not use them. Your Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix could make a great addition to your family if you train, exercise, and socialize.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a loyal, intelligent, and energetic dog willing to work, a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix might be the right fit. Research and understand their temperament, behavior, and needs to provide the best possible life for your new furry friend.

Pros and Cons of Australian Shepherd Mix

Before bringing Border Collie Australian Shepherd into your life, ensure all the pros and cons are considered for having such an intelligent breed.

Good exercise dogHealth issues
Fiercely loyalTerritorial
Affectionate and friendlyMedium to high maintenance
Intelligent and hard-workingDestructive behavior

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Price

The cost of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix can vary depending on several factors, including the breeder’s location, the quality of the breeding stock, and the puppy’s lineage.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Price

The average price of a puppy from a reputable breeder can range up to $1,000. Puppies from champion bloodlines or with rare coat colors may cost significantly more from some breeders.

You should never choose a breeder solely based on their puppy prices. Reputable breeders prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs and will charge accordingly to cover the costs of genetic testing, veterinary care, and proper socialization. Contrastingly, some unscrupulous breeders may charge exorbitant prices for poorly bred or sickly puppies.                        

Additional Expenses 

Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and preventative care are essential for keeping your dog healthy. It depends on the level of care and your location, and how much veterinary care will cost.

A Border Collie, an Australian Shepherd mix, is an active and high-energy dog that may require higher-quality and more expensive food than some other breeds. You’ll also need to budget for toys, beds, leashes, and grooming tools.

Training is essential to dog ownership, especially with an intelligent and energetic breed like a puppy. There can be significant differences in training costs between group and one-on-one sessions. Depending on how frequently you travel or how long your working hours are, you may have to budget for boarding or pet-sitting services.

Unfortunately, unexpected veterinary expenses, such as emergency medical care or illnesses, can arise. It’s important to have a contingency plan in case of these unexpected expenses.

A Border Collie, an Australian Shepherd mix, is an active and intelligent breed requiring plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. You’ll need to budget for activities like walks, hikes, and interactive toys to engage your dog physically and mentally.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Border Collie Australian Shepherd a good mix?

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, also known as the “Border Aussie,” is a popular crossbreed between two highly intelligent and active dog breeds.

How big will a Border Collie Aussie mix get?

The size of a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, also known as a Border Aussie, can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the parents and the individual dog’s genetics.

What do Border Aussies look like?

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, also known as the Border Aussie, can have a wide range of appearances, depending on the traits inherited from each parent.

Are Australian Shepherds calmer than Border Collies?

When comparing Australian Shepherds and Border Collies, it’s important to note that both breeds are highly active and intelligent dogs that require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy.

What is a Border Collie Aussie mix called?

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is commonly known by several names, including Border Aussie, Aussie Collie, and Australian Collie.

Final Thoughts

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, also known as the Border Aussie, is an intelligent and energetic dog breed that makes an excellent companion for the right owner. Obedience, agility training, and herding are some skills these dogs excel at. Their training abilities and ability to adapt to different environments also make them highly desirable.

Suppose you’re considering adding a Border Aussie to your family. In that case, it’s essential to do your research and find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs. The socialization and training of these dogs at an early age are also crucial for their success.

In addition to their remarkable abilities and intelligence, Border Aussies are known for their affectionate and loyal nature. Companionship is vital to their well-being, so they make good family pets. Although they have a high energy level, they must be physically and mentally stimulated to maintain their energy level.

If you’re an active individual or family looking for a companion who can keep up with your lifestyle, a dog might be the perfect match for you.