Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

Are you looking for a unique and lovable furry friend to bring into your home? Look no further than the Great Dane Chihuahua mix! This crossbreed is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique appearance and charming personality.

A Great Dane Chihuahua mix, also known as a Great Chi-Dane, is an unlikely combination of two breeds poles apart in size and temperament. The Great Dane is known for its large size and gentle disposition, while the Chihuahua is tiny and often feisty. The result is a fascinating mix of personalities and physical traits that will win over any animal lover.

But can this gentle giant and little lap dog mix make a good pet? We will delve into the world of Great Chi-Danes and discover what makes them unique and lovable.

If you consider getting a Great Chi-Dane as a pet, you may wonder what to expect from this unique breed. We will cover everything from their physical appearance to their personality traits, health issues, and training requirements. This crossbreed’s history and how it developed will be explained. We will also provide tips on caring for a Great Chi-Dane and what to look for when choosing a breeder or adopting one from a rescue organization.

So, are you curious about this fascinating mix of Great Dane and Chihuahua? If so, keep reading, and let us take you on a journey to discover all there is to know about the Great Chi-Dane!

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Features

Height8 inches  –  12 inches
Weight12 lbs. – 20 lbs.
Lifespan8 to 12 years
Coat TypeLong-haired coat, short-haired coat,  wire-haired coat,
TemperamentAffectionate, Friendly, Gentle, Loving Nature, Good with Children, Active and Stubborn, etc.
Breed GroupHybrid
Breed SizeSmall
Energy LevelActive
ColorsWhite, Black, Fawn, Merle,  and Brindle
Suitable ForFamilies with children
OtherEasy to Train, Loyal, Easygoing, Patient, Personality, Alert

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Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Appearance

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Size & Life Span

An important factor to consider when selecting a Great Dane Chihuahua mix is its size. As with any mixed breed, it can be challenging to predict their final size. A good indication is provided by the parent breeds.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

On average these dogs are 8 –  12 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 12 lbs. – 20 lbs. when fully grown. So, the size of this breed widely varies and could range anywhere depending on which parent breed genes are dominant.

Like their size, the life span of your pups can also vary. Great Dane Chihuahua mix Dogs typically live between 8 to 12 years, depending on their health and lifestyle. Despite a short life span, small dogs generally live longer than larger breeds.

Great Dane Mixed with Chihuahua Coat and Color

The coat of the Great Dane Chihuahua mix can vary depending on which parent they take after. They most commonly have a short, smooth coat that is easy to maintain. It’s also not uncommon for Chi-Dane-Danes to have white markings on their coat, which can add to their unique appearance. These Chi mixes can have several coat variations, including Short-haired, Long-haired, and Wire-haired.

Great Dane colors
  • Short-haired: This coat type is common in both parent breeds and is often seen in the Great Dane Chihuahua mix. It is low maintenance and sheds moderately.
  • Long-haired: This coat type is less common in the Great Dane Chihuahua mix but can occur. It requires more maintenance, including regular brushing and trimming.
  • Wire-haired: This coat type is rare in the Great Dane Chihuahua mix. It has a rough, wiry texture that is low maintenance and sheds minimally.

Black, brindle, fawn, white, and merle are some of the most common coat colors. Overall, regular grooming is essential for the health and happiness of this unique mix, regardless of coat type or color.

  • Black: This color is common in both parent breeds and is often seen in the Chis mix.
  • White: This color is less common but can occur in the Great Dane Chihuahua mix.
  • Fawn: This color is common in both parent breeds and can be seen in the Great Dane Chihuahua mix.
  • Brindle: This rare color can occur in the Great Dane Chihuahua mix. It has a unique striped pattern that can vary in thickness and color.
  • Merle: It has a marbled blue, gray, and white pattern.

Chihuahua Mixed with Great Dane Facial Features

Their facial features vary depending on the parent breeds, and they may have a long snout like a Great Dane or a short snout like a Chihuahua. They may also inherit large ears, droopy jowls, or a wrinkled forehead.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

The Great Dane Chihuahua mix has a skull that is usually large and round, similar to that of a Great Dane. In addition to having proportionate heads, they also appear more attractive because of their size.

Chihuahuas normally have large, round eyes that can range in color from brown to blue, and green to hazel. Some Chis mixes may also have heterochromia, where each eye is a different color. Chihuahuas have short and stubby noses, while Great Danes have long and pointed ones. Among the colors they come in are black, brown, pink, and spotted.

This breed’s ears can vary in size, shape, and texture, depending on which parent breed they take after more. The Chihuahua has large ears, and the Great Dane’s ears are floppy. Therefore, their ears can be large, floppy, or a combination of both.

This breed usually has a large and strong jaw, similar to Great Dane’s. Their teeth are also large, and they can have a slight underbite. Maintaining good dental hygiene in this breed is essential to prevent any dental issues.

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Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Temperament

Great Danes are known for their gentle and loving nature, making them excellent family pets with a protective instinct that makes them excellent watchdogs. In contrast, Chihuahuas are small, mighty dogs that are intelligent and trainable, but sometimes stubborn.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

The mix can inherit traits from both parent breeds, resulting in a unique temperament. While it’s difficult to predict the exact temperament of any mixed breed, these puppies are generally friendly and loving dogs.

These dogs also enjoy spending time with its family. They are loyal, and affectionate and can have a protective instinct toward their owners.

Due to their small size, Great Mexicans can be suitable for apartment living, making them an excellent option for city dwellers. In addition, they can adapt to different environments and living situations quite easily.

Socialization and training are crucial for any dog, especially for your breed. Dogs like these can be anxious and fearful, so introducing them to different people, places, and situations from a young age is critical. They also respond well to positive reinforcement training methods, using treats and praise to encourage good behavior.

 Among the positive reinforcement methods, American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends early socialization and training for all dogs.

Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Health & Care


Despite their beauty and unique personality, Chihuahua is susceptible to specific health conditions.

  1. Hip dysplasia 
  2. Heart issue 
  3. Obesity
  4. Gastric Torsion
  5. Patellar Luxation 

Hip Dysplasia is a common health issue among large breeds such as the Great Dane. Unfortunately, this health issue can also affect Great Dane Chihuahua mixes.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

When the hip joint does not form correctly, it causes pain, arthritis, and sometimes lameness. While there is no cure for hip dysplasia, there are ways to manage the condition, including weight management, exercise, and medication. 

Great Dane Chihuahua mixes risk becoming overweight, especially if they inherit the Great Dane’s love of food. Obesity can lead to many health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and joint problems. 

Gastric torsion or bloat is a severe health issue affecting your Chis mixes. Bloat occurs when the stomach fills with gas, fluid, or food and then twists on itself. This condition is life-threatening and requires immediate veterinary care. Signs of bloat include restlessness, drooling, and vomiting.

Kneecap luxation results from the kneecap not fitting properly into the groove in the thigh bone. This condition can cause pain, limping, and arthritis. Your Dane mixes are prone to patellar luxation, which can be caused by genetics, trauma, or injury. The condition may require surgery in severe cases.

Great Dane Chihuahua mixes may be prone to heart issues, including dilated cardiomyopathy and mitral valve disease (MVD). DCM is when the heart becomes enlarged and weak, while MVD is when the heart valve becomes leaky. Both conditions can be life-threatening and require veterinary care.


Great Chis are intelligent dogs that are easy to train but can be stubborn at times. It is essential to start training your Great Chi early and to use positive reinforcement techniques.

Great Dane

Socialization is also critical for Great Chis, who can be wary of strangers and other dogs. It would help if you exposed your Great Chi to different people, places, and other dogs to help them develop good social skills and reduce their anxiety.

Great Dane Chihuahua mixes are active dogs that require regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness. Take your pet for daily walks or runs and provide them with toys to stimulate their minds and bodies.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Grooming


Before diving into tips and tricks, let’s take a moment to understand why brushing is essential for your Great Dane Chihuahua mix. Brushing your dog’s coat helps to remove loose hair and prevents matting and tangling.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

The frequency of brushing your pup will depend on its coat type. If your dog has a short coat, brushing once a week should suffice. A dog with a longer coat may need to be brushed more frequently, like every other day. Please pay attention to your dog’s coat and brush them as needed to prevent matting and tangling.

Your dog’s coat type will determine the type of brush you use. For short coats, use a bristle brush. For longer coats, use a slicker brush. Choose a brush with soft bristles or tips to avoid irritating your dog’s skin.

If your Great Dane Chihuahua mix is not used to brushing, start slowly to get used to the process. Let them smell and examine the brush before starting. Start brushing in small sections and give your dog plenty of breaks and positive reinforcement.

When brushing your dog’s coat, brush in the direction of hair growth. This will prevent pulling and potential discomfort for your dog. Pay attention to sensitive areas such as the belly, legs, and face. When brushing, these areas may require extra attention and care to avoid discomfort for your dog.


The Great Dane Chihuahua mix has a unique coat that requires special attention when bathing. A dog of this breed is prone to dry skin, which can cause itching and flaking. Therefore, using the right products and techniques when bathing them is important.

Tips for Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Bathing

  1. Use lukewarm water when bathing your pup. Hot water can dry their skin, while cold water can be uncomfortable.
  2. Choose a mild shampoo specifically formulated for dogs with sensitive skin. Shampoos containing oatmeal or aloe vera can soothe and moisturize the skin.
  3. Brush your dog’s coat before bathing to remove tangles or mats. This will also help distribute natural oils throughout the coat, keeping it healthy and shiny.
  4. Be gentle when bathing your breed. Use a soft washcloth or sponge to avoid irritating their skin. Avoid getting shampoo in their eyes, ears, and nose.
  5. Rinse your dog thoroughly after shampooing to remove all traces of soap. Leftover soap can cause skin irritation and dryness.
  6. Use a towel to dry your dog after bathing. A hairdryer can dry out their skin, so avoid using one. Make sure to dry their coat thoroughly to prevent any moisture from getting trapped, which can lead to skin infections.

Trimming Nails & Ear Cleaning

Keeping your Great Dane Chihuahua mix’s nails trimmed is essential to prevent discomfort and injury. Long nails can cause pain and damage their paws, leading to infections or difficulty walking. Trimming your dog’s nails once every 4-6 weeks is recommended, depending on their lifestyle and activity level.

Great Dane nail trimming

Gather your supplies: nail clippers, styptic powder (in case of bleeding), and treats to reward your dog for cooperation.  Hold your dog’s paw firmly and locate the quick, which is the pink area containing blood vessels and nerves. Please do not cut the quick, as it can cause bleeding and pain.

Use sharp nail clippers to trim a small amount of the nail at a time, avoiding the quick. Stop cutting when you see a white dot in the center of the cut surface. If you accidentally cut the quick, apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Cleaning your Great Dane Chihuahua mix’s ears is necessary to prevent infections and earwax buildup. Check your dog’s ears weekly for signs of redness, discharge, or foul odor, which may indicate an ear infection.

Cotton balls, ear cleaning solutions, and treats to reward your dog for their cooperation. Hold your dog’s head steady and gently lift its ear flap. Apply a few drops of ear cleaning solution into their ear canal and massage the base of the ear for 30 seconds. Use a cotton ball to wipe away any debris or excess solution. Repeat on the other ear. Reward your dog with treats and praise for their cooperation.

It is crucial not to insert objects like cotton swabs into your dog’s ear canal, as it can cause injury and push debris deeper into the ear.

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Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Food & Diet

The Great Dane Chihuahua mix is a hybrid breed that may have different nutritional needs than its purebred parents. Generally, they require a balanced and complete diet that meets their energy needs while providing essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Please consult a veterinarian or animal nutrition expert to ensure you feed your dog the appropriate amount of food based on their weight, age, and activity level.

Great Dane eating

Protein is essential for your pup’s growth, maintenance, and repair of body tissues. A high-quality protein source such as chicken, beef, or fish should be included in their diet.

Carbohydrates are an essential energy source and should be included in your dog’s diet. Whole grains such as brown rice or oatmeal can provide the necessary carbs. Fats provide energy and are essential for healthy skin and coat. Healthy fat sources such as fish or flaxseed should be added to their diet.

Some foods can be harmful or toxic to your breed. Avoid feeding them chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and nuts. Also, ensure your dog does not eat foods high in sodium, sugar, or fat.

Frequency & Amount

One of the most important things to remember when feeding your Great Chi-Dane is that they have different nutritional requirements than purebred dogs. They need to be fed smaller meals more frequently to help prevent health issues like bloat, which can be life-threatening.

You should feed your breed at least three small meals daily rather than one or two larger meals. This will help prevent overeating, reduce the risk of bloat, and ensure your dog gets the proper nutrition they need.

The food your pup needs will depend on age, weight, activity level, and overall health. It is best to consult your veterinarian to determine the right food for your dog.

A Great Chi-Dane should be fed between 2-3 cups of high-quality dog food daily, divided into three small meals. Choosing dog food appropriate for their size and nutritional needs is important. Look for dog food that contains high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals.

It is important to note that overfeeding your dog can lead to obesity, which can cause a range of health problems. Monitor your dog’s weight and adjust its food intake accordingly.

Pros and Cons of Chihuahua Great Dane Mix

Before bringing a Great Dane Chihuahua mix into your life, ensure all the pros and cons are considered for having such an intelligent breed.

Easy to trainHealth issues
Indoor dogsShort lifespan
Gentle giantsShedding
Apartment friendlyExpensive

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Price

On average, a Great Dane Chihuahua mix puppy can cost anywhere between $500 to $2000. The price may increase if the puppy has certain desirable traits or comes from a well-known breeder.

Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

However, it’s important to note that a higher price doesn’t always guarantee a better-quality puppy.

The price of your pup can vary depending on several factors, such as the breeder, the location, and the puppy’s age. It’s essential to do your research and find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the dog’s health and well-being over profit.

Additional Expenses 

Great Danes and Chihuahuas have different health issues that may be passed down to their mixed-breed offspring. Therefore, you may need to spend more on veterinary care, including regular checkups, vaccinations, and treatment of any illnesses or injuries. Spaying or neutering your dog is essential, which can cost several hundred dollars.

Great Dane Chihuahua mixes can be difficult to feed, as their dietary requirements can vary depending on their size and activity level. You must invest in high-quality dog food that meets their nutritional needs. Additionally, supplements like joint supplements, probiotics, and vitamins may be necessary to maintain their health.

Therefore, your breed may require regular grooming sessions to maintain coat and skin health. This can increase, especially if you take your dog to a professional groomer.

As a mix of two very different breeds, they may exhibit different behaviors and temperaments that require different training techniques. Professional training classes or hiring a trainer can be beneficial but can also add to the overall expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest dog breed?

The largest dog breed in the world is the Great Dane, also known as the German Mastiff.

How is the Great Dane different from the Chihuahua?

Great Dane and Chihuahua are two dog breeds that are vastly different in terms of their appearance, temperament, and behavior. The most obvious difference between Great Danes and Chihuahuas is their size.

Can you mix a Great Dane with a Chihuahua?

Great Danes are typically much larger than Chihuahuas and may accidentally injure or even kill the smaller breed during mating. These two breeds are very different in terms of their size, temperament, and physical characteristics.

What two dog breeds make a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are believed to be the result of breeding between two different types of dogs: the Techichi and the Chinese Crested.

Can a Chihuahua breed with a St Bernard?

It is not possible for a Chihuahua to breed with a St. Bernard, as they are two vastly different breeds of dog.

Does a tiny Chihuahua and a huge Great Dane have common ancestors?

Yes, the tiny Chihuahua and the huge Great Dane share common ancestors, but their common ancestor is likely to be an ancient breed that existed many generations ago.

Final Thoughts

Are you considering getting a Great Dane Chihuahua mix puppy? A Great Dane Chihuahua mix is an unusual and fascinating breed that combines the strength, size, and personality of your breed. This breed is adorable but also intelligent, loyal, and friendly, making them an excellent addition to any household.

It is important to note that your breed requires regular exercise and socialization in order to remain happy and healthy. Additionally, proper training and socialization can help prevent any behavior issues that may arise due to their size or energy levels.

As Great Dane Chihuahua mixes may be prone to joint problems and obesity, it is important to keep an eye on their diet and exercise regime.

Overall, the pup is a unique and delightful breed that can bring joy and companionship to any home. They can make excellent pets and become beloved family members with proper care and attention.