Pomeranian Dog

Are you looking to add a Pomeranian Dog to your family? You might be wondering how much a Pomeranian is. It is estimated that the cost of purchasing a Pomeranian dog can range from $500 to $2,000 depending on the bloodlines, the breeding quality, the coat color, size, gender, location, and other factors. However, breeders may charge as little as $300 or as much as $8,000 for Pomeranians.

There is no doubt that Pomeranians are among the world’s best-loved toy dog breeds, known for their cute and fluffy appearance, their cheerful personalities, and their unconditional loyalty to their owners. It makes a great pet for a family and is highly sought after as a companion animal. This adorable pup has soft locks, endearing puppy dog eyes, and an adorable personality.

A Pomeranian Dog might be an excellent choice if you are looking for a small, fluffy dog with tons of personality and charm. These pups are known to be loyal, intelligent, and friendly dog breeds, and they make wonderful companions in any environment. Even so, owning a pet is undoubtedly an expensive endeavor.

This blog post will discuss different factors influencing the Pomeranian price tag. So you can make an informed decision if this breed is a perfect fit for you or not. Read on to determine how much to spend on your new furry friend before bringing one into your home.

What is the Average Price of a Pomeranian?


The average Pomeranian price can vary greatly depending on bloodlines, breeder reputation, coat color, size, gender, and location. On average, a Pomeranian puppy’s price ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. The price may be higher if the Pomeranian has a rare color, pattern, or unique quality.

However, Professional and Reputable Breeders can cost even more. They often have premium prices reaching up to $8,000 due to the high quality of breeding, rare bloodline, unique colors or markings, vaccinations, and health.

A shelter is a good option for adopting a furry friend. It is important to remember that many shelter dogs may not be purebred or mixed breeds. So pups from an animal shelter typically cost anywhere from $300 to $700.

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What Factors Affecting Pomeranian Dog Price?

An exciting experience can be the arrival of a new pet, especially a Pomeranian. But before you take the plunge, it’s essential to consider the financial implications of pet ownership. Many factors can impact the cost of a Pomeranian, so it’s necessary to do your research and understand what you’re getting into.


Let’s explore some of these factors and how they affect the cost of bringing a Pomeranian puppy into your home.

  • Breeder Reputation: A reputable breeder plays a significant role in affecting the price of a Poms. Professional breeders often have a stellar reputation, meaning many satisfied clients are willing to pay higher costs for their puppies.  

    A good breeder will work with veterinarian referral services and be knowledgeable about the breed’s particular traits and needs. They will take measures like genetic testing and health screenings to guarantee their pups are healthy and well-socialized. Additionally, an established breeder will know of upcoming litters and have access to rarer coat colors; these are expensive traits that the average pet store may be unable to offer. Choosing a reputable breeder ensures you buy a healthy pup at the right price.            
  • Gender: The gender of your puppy can also affect its price. Female puppies tend to be priced higher than male puppies because female pups are usually smaller in size, making them easier to train and handle overall.

    Additionally, female poms make better family pets due to their calm nature, so they are usually in higher demand among buyers looking for companion pets.
  • Age: Age is also an essential factor in determining the price of Pomeranian puppies. Puppies are generally much more expensive than adults as they retain a certain cuteness that makes them appealing to potential buyers. The owners of young dogs typically live longer compared to those of older dogs due to their overall health.

    On the other hand, adult pom dogs are generally more affordable, making them attractive choices for adopters looking for a good pet at a lower price point. Older dogs usually require less training and have already established the routines that accompany living in a household.
  • Coat Color: The color of your Pomeranian can also affect its price tag. Some colors are considered rare or desirable and therefore have premium prices. White poms are more expensive than other colors because they are rarer and more desirable in shows and competitions.

    On average, cream-colored poms are less expensive than white ones, while black poms tend to be priced between these colors depending on their quality and potential. Additionally, some breeders charge more for merle-colored poms due to their rarity and associated health issues.
  • Location: Finding the right price for a Pomeranian dog is closely tied to location. Dog breeders will often charge different fees depending on whether someone buys from within the same state, another state, or another country.

    For example, if you purchase your dog from a breeder in a rural area, it will likely be cheaper than buying it from one in an urban area. This is because breeders in rural areas often have lower overhead costs due to less competition and fewer regulations than those in cities.
  • Bloodline:  One of the crucial factors that can decide a Pomeranian puppy’s price is Bloodline or Pedigree. Purebred puppies are generally more costly than mixed-breed pups because they have been explicitly bred for specific traits and characteristics.

    The lineage of a purebred pup will typically include several generations of pedigree dogs and can help give you an idea of how healthy and well-tempered your new pet may be. If a specific lineage matters to you, research it before buying one.
  • Size: It depends on the dog’s size and how much it costs to buy a Pomeranian. A small dog will cost more than a larger one. This is because smaller-sized dogs are rarer and more sought after than larger ones. For example, many families are willing to pay extra for a Teacup or Toy Pomeranian while they may spend significantly less on a standard-sized one. Because of its smaller size, it might be twice as expensive as a standard-sized one.

    The list is only some of what matters when determining a pet’s price. Other factors like local demand & supply, shipping fees, and market trends can influence the price.

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What are the Initial Costs for a Pomeranian?

Welcoming a Pomeranian Dog can be a unique and rewarding experience. But it’s important to consider everything that comes with this precious pup. This includes initial cost considerations so you are ready for your new companion and to ensure you’re both happy!

Pomeranian Dog

Let’s explore in detail the initial costs associated with this little dog.

  • Food and Treats: The most crucial cost that needs to be considered is the expense of food and treats for your Pomeranian. Despite their age and size, quality dog food is specifically tailored for smaller breeds which should include Omega-3 fatty acids and other essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Usually, you will have to spend around $60 – $90 to fulfill the initial food needs. Additionally, treats such as dental bones or chew sticks are great for bonding with your pet but also to help promote oral health. These costs will also include in the expense mentioned above.
  • Feeding Bowls: The proper nutrition for your Pomeranian is essential for their health, and finding suitable bowls is vital. Pomeranians require smaller bowls to avoid overeating and choking. For your pup’s bowls, you want durable, safe materials that can withstand wear and tear; however, high-quality materials can be more expensive. You can purchase stainless steel or ceramic bowls with non-skid bases, which last longer and are easier to keep clean. You can cover these expenses by spending around $15 – $30.In addition, many pet stores also have unique decorative options such as custom designs or paw prints, making it easy to find something that matches your Pomeranian’s personality!
  • Grooming: Considering the care and upkeep of a Pomeranian dog, it is essential to factor in all the costs associated with grooming needs. Grooming can be expensive and includes such items as a specialized brush, clippers, and nail clippers, among other things. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of supplies like dog shampoo, conditioner, and regular trims from the groomer. Additionally, special equipment may be necessary if your pet needs additional treatments to keep its coat healthy. You will need around $50 – $150 to cover these grooming expenses.
  • Leash and Collar: When considering adopting a Pomeranian, you should also consider the cost of a leash and collar. A good quality collar is essential for bringing your pet for walks or visits to the vet and grooming appointments. The ideal choice is one with an adjustable strap and a breakaway buckle. Fortunately, these items don’t have to break the bank! Depending on the type chosen, you can find quality leashes and collars for around $20 – $50.
  • Crate: A new crate is one of most pet parents’ first purchases when adopting a Pomeranian. A crate can be a great way to help your Pomeranian settle into its new home, offering it a cozy and secure place to nap and helping protect furniture from curious puppy teeth. Your chosen quality can affect the price of the dog crate depending on its size. For example, plastic crates might offer greater mobility since they collapse, but they could require more frequent replacement than wire or wooden crates. You can purchase quality crates anywhere between $50 to $200.
  • Bed:  When it comes to providing a comfortable spot for your Pomeranian to relax, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of the bed. It depends on the size and material of the bed, but Pomeranian beds can range from $30 to $150.If you’re looking for an affordable option to ensure your pup’s comfort, look for beds made of microsuede or faux fur. They could also have multiple beds strategically located throughout the home so they can choose where to nap as desired.       
  • Toys and Accessories: When considering the toys for a Pomeranian, remember they require durable toys. The cost can vary greatly depending on how much you’d like to splurge on your pup’s playthings. Whether it’s an interactive puzzle toy to stimulate their brains or something as straightforward as a plush ball, every penny spent will be worth it on dog toys when you see them enjoying themselves. These expenses can be covered by paying around $30 – $50.
  • Initial Vet Visits: The initial visit to the vet for a Pomeranian is often an important and sometimes expensive part of owning a puppy. Costs can vary depending on the services included in the visit and any potential health issues that must be addressed. Establishing regular checkups with your vet will help keep your pup healthy and happy. Initial Vet visits will cost around $100 – $300.
  • Initial Vaccinations:  Vaccinating a Pomeranian puppy is essential to healthy pet ownership. Vaccinations can protect against deadly diseases, so it’s necessary to understand the associated costs when planning for them. The cost of the vaccinations will vary depending on the size and age of your dog, as well as the type of vaccines they may need ranging between $70 to $200.

Below is a Summary table of the above explained, along with some other initial expenses for your Pomeranian.

Type of ExpenseRangeAverage Cost
Food & Treats$60 – $90$75
Feeding Bowls$15 – $30$25
Bed$30 – $150$80
Leash & Collar$20 – $50$35
Grooming Needs$50 – $150$100
Crate$50 – $200$120
Toys$30 – $50$40
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300$200
Initial Vaccinations$70 – $200$130
Dog License$15 – $35$25
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $300$200
Plastic Poop Bags$20 – $50$35
Litter Box$25 – $50$35
Other Supplies$20 – $40$25
Total Cost$555 – $1,695$1,125

The list of initial expenses might be very long, but every pet owner needs these essentials. If you want to welcome a Pomeranian into your home, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between $555 to $ 1695 besides the purchase cost of a puppy.

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What is the Annual Costs for a Pomeranian?

Now you are aware of the initial costs associated with owning a Pomeranian. Understanding the yearly expenses to prepare for owning one would be beneficial. These tiny pups have an average lifespan of 12 – 16 years. Understanding the annual costs will also help you be more financially prepared for your pup’s long and healthy life.


Here is a Summary table of annual costs associated with owning a Pom Puppy.

Type of ExpenseRangeAverage Cost
Food and Treats$200 – $700$500
Bed & Crate$100 – $350$250
Toys$30 – $110$80
Leash and Collar$25 – $50$35
Grooming Kit$120 – $280$200
Routine Vet Visits$250 – $450$350
Vaccinations$100 – $250$200
Pet Insurance$450 – $600$500
Medications$100 – $300$220
Total Yearly Cost$1,375 – $3,090$2,335
Average Monthly Cost$115 – $260$195

The above table shows the yearly expenses for owning a Pomeranian, which can range between $1,375 – $3,090, and the average monthly expense between $115 – $260.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pomeranians so expensive?

Pomeranian prices vary greatly depending on bloodlines, breeder reputation, coat color, size, gender, and location. On average, a Pomeranian puppy’s price ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. The price may be higher if the Pomeranian has a rare color, pattern, or unique quality.

How much is the cheapest Pomeranian puppy?

Depending on several factors, Pomeranian Dog Prices can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000. However, some breeders may offer Pomeranians for as low as $300.

Is a Pomeranian a good pet?

Pomeranian is a good pet for those looking for a small, friendly, and affectionate companion. These dogs are known for their lively personality, playfulness, and loyalty to their owners.

How much is the Pomeranian dog?

Pomeranian Dog Prices can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on bloodlines, breeding quality, coat color, size, gender, location, and others. However, some breeders may offer Pomeranians for as low as $300 or as high as $8,000.

What is the cheapest Pomeranian?

The cheapest Pomeranian dog at an animal shelter typically costs anywhere from $300 to $700.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranian Puppy

Considering all these costs, having a Pom is no small financial commitment. There are many things to consider before getting your little fur ball, including buying price ($500 –$8,000) along with other factors such as bloodlines, breed’s reputation, coat color, size, gender, location, and average monthly expenses ($115 – $260).

Proper research is the key when considering all the expenses of getting a pet. Research ahead of time can save you from unexpected costs and ensure you and your beloved furry friend have years of joyous companionship.

Consider getting a Pomeranian if you want a smart-sized, loyal, adorable pet! Ensure you clearly understand all expenses and have enough financial resources for ownership!

We hope this article has been informative and helpful in providing valuable information about the Pomeranian Dog Prices! Whether or not a Pomeranian is ideal for you and your lifestyle is a decision. We wish you all the best in finding your little fur ball.