Teacup Maltipoo

Teacup Maltipoo is a hybrid breed of the Toy or Miniature Poodle and the Maltese, resulting in a small-sized lapdog with many personalities providing endless affection to their owners.

This unique toy-sized breed is the perfect combination of the playful nature of a Toy Poodle with all of the charm, intelligence, and loyalty of a Maltese.

They’re genius, friendly, and make great pets for families who live in smaller homes or don’t have much physical space and are adaptable to almost any lifestyle.

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They’re full of energy and ready to play plus, they come in all sorts of fun colors, from chocolate brown to bright white.

Let’s explore this tiny designer dynamo to see if this fits you perfectly!

Teacup Maltipoo History and Origins

Teacup Maltipoos are a crossbreed between a Maltese and a Toy Poodle. They first became popular in the United States during the 1990s when breeders started producing them. Small size and adorable appearance made them a favorite among dog lovers, especially those seeking hypoallergenic pets.

Maltese dogs originated from the central Mediterranean region, specifically from Malta. A 2,000-year-old breed of toy dog, they are one of the oldest. In the past, they were kept by nobles and royalty as companion animals.

On the other hand, Toy Poodles originated in Germany, where they were bred to be water retrievers. However, they were eventually bred down to a smaller size, and Toy Poodles became a popular lapdog.

Teacup Maltipoo Features

Height8 in – 14 in
Weight5 lbs. – 20 lbs.
Lifespan10 – 13 years
Coat TypeThick, Wavy, Medium & Long
TemperamentFriendly, Affectionate, Playful, Gentle, Loyal, etc.
Breed SizeSmall
Breed GroupHybrid
Energy LevelActive
ColorsBlack, White, Chocolate, Apricot, Gray, Cream, Gold, Red
OtherHypoallergenic, Easy to Train, Loyal, Low Prey Drive, Apartment-Friendly

What Does a Teacup Maltipoo Puppy Look Like?

Maltipoo Size & Life Span

Maltipoos are a hybrid breed created by mating a Maltese and Toy Poodle. These pups are small, usually ranging from 5 lbs. to 20 lbs. A fully grown Maltipoo reaches a height of 8 to 14 inches. Though tiny in stature, what they lack in size, they make up for in personality!

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The life span of a Maltipoo ranges between 10 to 13 years, meaning you’ll have many years of joy with your pup by your side. With the combination of small size and long life span, there’s no doubt why these pocket-size pals are becoming one of the most popular breeds!

Check out this video for an incredible journey of a Maltipoo from 1 to 16 weeks.

Mini Maltipoo Coat and Color

Teacup Maltipoos are an adorable dog breed with thick, luxurious coats that are usually curly or wavy. However, some may have silky straight hair that ranges in length from long to short, depending on the types of parents they have.

The coat color of a teacup Maltipoo also depends on its parents’ genetics. The colors are incredible, ranging from shades of Black, White, Cream, Gold, Chocolate, Red, Apricot, and Gray.

Teacup Maltipoo Colors

With its appearance, it’s no surprise why families love having a Maltipoo as part of their family!

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Teacup Maltipoo Facial Features

Teacup Maltipoo is a charming pup with the tendency to have an ultra-cute expression thanks to its impeccable facial features.

Teacup Maltipoos usually small pooches with rounded heads with ears typically stand erect and a slightly rounded muzzle, giving them a puppy-like appearance even when they are fully grown.

They have soft, round, dark eyes that usually come in shades of brown or black, adding to their characteristically sweet facial structure and enhancing their overall cuteness.

No wonder, with unbeatable cuteness, the Maltipoo will surely turn heads wherever they go!

Physical Characteristics

Regarding their body type, Maltipoos typically have an athletic build with longer legs than other hybrid dogs, making them perfect for regular exercise and well-suited for running indoors or outside on grassy surfaces!

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Despite being small, Maltipoos possess incredible physical characteristics that will make them excellent companions for many years.

Teacup Maltipoo Puppies Temperament

Teacup Maltipoo is a cross between two breeds known for their cheerful personalities. As such, it should be no surprise that these tiny dogs are intelligent, friendly, and social. They love interacting with their human family members and other animals from puppyhood if they are raised around them.

Teacup Maltipoo

Maltipoos may not be suitable guard dogs due to their small size, but they’ll alert you if something or someone unfamiliar approaches your home. They may also bark if left alone for too long or become anxious when meeting new people or animals.

Maltipoos are known for their intelligence. They can learn commands quickly, making them great candidates for obedience or agility courses. They also respond promptly to positive reinforcement training methods, so expect many treats along the way!

These dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. A daily walk should do the trick! Teacup Maltipoos can live in apartments if they get enough stimulation throughout the day; otherwise, they may start showing destructive behaviors. To prevent this, you must provide your pup with plenty of toys and interactive activities throughout the day while you’re away at work or running errands so they don’t get bored.

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These dogs also have charming personalities and make great lapdogs who happily snuggle up with you for hours. These pint-sized pups can bring you tons of joy without taking up lots of room in your home with proper training and socialization from a young age!

Teacup Maltipoo Common Health Problem & Care


Teacup Maltipoos are loved for their captivating good looks and affectionate personalities. However, as with any pup, they can be prone to specific health issues.

  1. White Shaker
  2. Heart Problems
  3. Orthopedic Problems
  4. Dental Issues
  5. Allergies
  6. Legg Calve
Teacup Maltipoo Health Condition

Teacup Maltipoo health is vital for pet owners, as these small dogs are prone to a few specific genes-based health issues.

Owners must take proactive steps to reduce their pet’s chances of experiencing these problems, such as ensuring that any reputable breeder does genetic health tests on parent dogs before breeding them.

Additionally, pet owners should have regular checkups with their veterinarians to identify potential problems before they become too serious. With careful selection at the breeder level and frequent visits to the vet, a happy and healthy teacup Maltipoo is achievable.


Teacup Maltipoos

Caring for a Teacup Maltipoo can be both a joy and a challenge. Teacup Maltipoos have delicate temperaments, so owners should be patient when training and socializing the pup.

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Providing adequate exercise is essential for these pups; activities such as supervised walks and structured play will do wonders for keeping their energy levels up.

An essential element of Teacup Maltipoo care is paying attention to its dietary needs, as these little dogs have smaller stomachs and require frequent meals throughout the day.

With patience, understanding, and plenty of love, taking care of a Teacup Maltipoo will bring laughter and delight into your home!

Toy Maltipoo Grooming

Does Teacup Maltipoo Shed?

Yes, Teacup Maltipoos shed, but not as much as other breeds.. This means they are an excellent choice for people allergic to dog hair or those who want a dog that does not shed much.

However, it is essential to understand that no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, and Teacup Maltipoos can still produce some allergens. The reason why Teacup Maltipoos do not shed much is that they have hair instead of fur. The hair differs from fur because it grows continuously and has no shedding cycle. This means Teacup Maltipoos require regular grooming to keep their hair tangle-free and prevent matting.


Teacup Maltipoo requires regular brushing due to the texture of their coat to prevent matting, reduce shedding, and maintain their coat’s health and vitality. 

Teacup Maltipoo

Taking the time every week to brush out any knots or tangles carefully can help keep their fur from becoming matted, which can lead to future skin problems.

When brushing your Teacup Maltipoo, use a soft-bristled brush and have plenty of treats nearby, as it can feel like a real chore to them if they’re not used to it.

An enjoyable experience is essential for you and your pet, so make sure treats are on hand to reward good behavior! All it takes is consistency and patience; soon enough, your Teacup Maltipoo will love getting brushed.


Bathing your teacup Maltipoo is much different than bathing any other dog breed; it requires special consideration. Since these tiny little puppies can quickly become overwhelmed or overstimulated, it’s essential to have a calm and quiet place free from distractions to bathe them.

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Using a smaller tub or sink could also provide added comfort and convenience. To ensure the pet’s coat remains healthy, use lukewarm water to gently move any excess dirt or grime while avoiding getting suds in their faces and eyes.

Choose a shampoo specifically designed for dogs with thin-coated and delicate skin. Conditioners designed for dogs can be applied after shampoo to keep their fur soft and shiny.

Afterward, dry them vigorously before letting them enjoy some playtime or a snuggle session with you, or else they may experience some hypothermia.

Through providing all of these steps, your teacup Maltipoo will look clean while being happy and feeling safe at the same time!

Trimming Nails & Hair

Nails must be trimmed regularly. This is only sometimes a pleasant experience for the pup, and it is essential to do it regularly to keep them healthy and happy. It’s vital to keep nail length in check so your pet won’t suffer from discomfort or experience any issues on their paws.

With proper tools and some patience, the process can be managed without the risk of harm and will become much easier over time.

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Their fur needs regular trimming to remain clean and healthy, and this is because their fur tends to grow faster. With the right tools and techniques, you can easily create a clean look that suits your Teacup Maltipoo’s unique style.

You can help your teacup Maltipoo look sleek and beautiful with just a few simple steps!

What Does Teacup Maltipoo Eat?

The quality of the food you feed your teacup Maltipoo is just as important as the quantity. High-quality dog foods, from protein to vitamins and minerals, are formulated to meet nutritional needs.

Teacup Maltipoo Eating

Look for a brand that provides whole ingredients like meat, vegetables, fruits, and grains rather than fillers like corn or wheat. Canned or prepackaged meals can contain high levels of fat and unhealthy additives, so avoid them.

Teacup Maltipoos are small dogs with high energy levels, so protein is vital for their diets. Kibbles can be a good source of protein for your pup.

Always consult your vet before adding any new food item to your pup’s diet. Some good options include apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, and blueberries, and these foods will help give them an extra boost of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and veggies should only make up 5-10% of their diet.

Fat is essential for keeping your teacup Maltipoo healthy, and it helps keep their coats shiny and soft and gives them energy for playing or running outside.

How Much Should You Feed a Teacup Maltipoo?

Like any other pet, portion size is essential in feeding your Teacup Maltipoo. They should get about ¼ cup of food daily, while a larger Maltipoo might get up to a cup daily.

Remember that this varies depending on age, activity level, and your dog’s medical conditions. It’s best to consult your veterinarian for exact portion sizes for your dog.

Establishing a meal schedule for your Teacup Maltipoo is also essential so that they know when they can expect their next meal. Try splitting the daily portion into two meals, one in the morning and one at night, to prevent overeating.

Is a Teacup Maltipoo Right for You?

Teacup Maltipoos can make excellent pets for the right owners. If you’re looking for a small, affectionate, and loyal companion that doesn’t require a lot of space, a Teacup Maltipoo may be the perfect breed for you. However, they require extra care and attention due to their small size and health concerns.

Before bringing a Teacup Maltipoo into your home, it’s crucial to do your research and consider if this breed fits your lifestyle and expectations. It is essential to consider all the factors before bringing one home and to ensure they are obtained from reputable breeders who prioritize the dog’s health and well-being.

Pros and Cons Teacup Maltipoo Puppy

Before deciding if you’re ready to share your life with one of these fur babies, ensure that their advantages and potential challenges are understood!

Friendly & Fun LovingNoisy
Low SheddingHealth Problems
IntelligentSeparation Anxiety
Easy to TrainExpensive
Small SizeRegular Grooming

Teacup Maltipoo Price

The teacup Maltipoo is a rare and increasingly popular designer dog, so it is no surprise that its price has risen in recent years. Different factors will influence the cost of the puppy, such as its bloodline, breeder reputation, and location.

 A teacup Maltipoo puppy’s average price can range between $400 – $4,000. Red and Chocolate’s puppies are significantly higher than you would pay for other colors, usually costing between $7,000 to $15,000 because these pups are rare and more challenging to breed.

Additional Expenses

When considering the purchase of a teacup Maltipoo puppy, it’s essential to factor in additional costs. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, these items can add up quickly, so be sure to factor them in when making your decision.

Aside from the purchase price, being a responsible owner also means providing routine vet care, an appropriate diet, and toys and bedding for your furry friend. While these needs may seem relatively inexpensive upfront, they quickly add up.

They may be smaller but require regular vet checkups, annual vaccinations, and monthly preventative medications like many other dog breeds. In addition to the standard pet expenses, these tiny dogs may also need grooming services more often due to their long white hair coats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big does teacup Maltipoos get?

Teacup Maltipoos are small, usually ranging from 5 lbs. to 20 lbs. (2.3kg – 9kg). A fully grown Maltipoo reaches 8 to 14 inches (20cm – 35.6cm). Though tiny in stature, what they lack in size, they make up for in personality!

How much is a teacup Maltipoo?

A teacup Maltipoo puppy’s average price can range between $400 – $4,000. The price of Red and Chocolate puppies is significantly higher than what you would pay for other colors, which usually cost between $7,000 to $15,000 because these pups are rare and more challenging to breed.

How long do teacup Maltipoos live?

The life span of a Maltipoo ranges between 10 to 13 years, meaning you’ll have many years of joy with these pocket-size pals.

Do teacup Maltipoos have health problems?

Teacup Maltipoos can be prone to specific health issues like White Shaker, Heart Problems, Orthopedic Problems, Dental Issues, Allergies, and Legg Calve.

Is Maltipoo high maintenance?

Despite their low-shedding coat, Maltipoos may require regular grooming to keep them looking and feeling at the top of their game.

Do Maltipoo puppies stay small?

Teacup Maltipoos usually small pups that are fully grown up before they turn one year old and have a puppy-like appearance even when they are fully grown.

Do Maltipoo puppies bark a lot?

Maltipoos may not be suitable watchdogs due to their small size, but they’ll alert you if something or someone unfamiliar approaches your home. So, it makes the Maltipoo a reasonable barker.

Final Thoughts

Teacup Maltipoo is an adorable companion suitable for living alone or with couples without children who want a low-maintenance pup. This pup is intelligent and adaptable enough to fit into almost any lifestyle.

These tiny dogs require minimal exercise but still need plenty of mental stimulation, so owners should spend quality time playing games with them daily!

Are you ready to bring home your own Maltipoo puppy? If so, prepare for lots of cuddles from this playful pup!

We hope this article helped offer insight into what this precious pup offers. If you have decided Teacup Maltipoo is the perfect fit for you, why not adopt one today? May your search be filled with joy and success. Happy Searching!