Why Are Yorkies So Expensive?

In the realm of canine enthusiasts, the Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known as Yorkies, reigns supreme, captivating hearts with their undeniable charm and endearing qualities. However, the allure of Yorkie puppies is often accompanied by an intriguing question: Why are Yorkies so expensive?

Yorkies are Expensive due to their tiny size, high demand, popularity, low shedding, and the costs associated with responsible breeding. As one navigates the landscape of Yorkie prices, it’s evident that the range extends beyond the conventional, with figures sometimes surpassing $2,000.

While this might initially raise eyebrows, it’s important to view this investment through a broader lens. The price is not merely a monetary transaction; rather, it signifies a commitment to welcoming a cherished companion into one’s life.

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Why Are Yorkies So Expensive?

When delving into the intriguing world of Yorkies, one cannot escape the topic of their price. The average cost of acquiring a Yorkie puppy ranges from a modest $800 to a more extravagant $3,000, illustrating the diverse financial investment potential owners might undertake. Surprisingly, certain exceptional puppies even command prices that soar as high as $10,000, leaving many to wonder about the factors contributing to such steep valuations.

The popularity of Yorkies plays a significant role in their elevated price range. These charming and endearing canines have amassed a dedicated following, driving up demand for them in the pet market. Furthermore, their reputation as show dogs amplifies their allure, as individuals are often willing to pay a premium for a Yorkie with the potential to excel in competitions and exhibits.

Let’s look at these factors in more detail.

High Demand

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, have carved a unique niche due to their endearing qualities and ideal suitability for families, particularly those with small children.

Their small stature and amiable disposition make them ideal companions for households seeking a harmonious coexistence between pets and young ones. The high demand for Yorkies stems from these very attributes, creating a phenomenon governed by the economic law of supply and demand.

However, the high demand for Yorkies does have a tangible impact on the economic landscape of their availability. Reputable breeders, who play a pivotal role in maintaining breed health and qualities, are often in short supply.

As a result, Yorkie puppies become a sought-after commodity, leading to scarcity in the market. Prospective owners keen on acquiring these beloved companions must actively seek out reputable breeders, often through word-of-mouth or online channels.

Apartment Appropriate

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, are a popular choice as a family dog, especially for those living in apartments. Their diminutive size makes them well-suited for apartment living, where space may be limited. These small dogs are ideal companions for apartment dwellers who value the comfort of their homes while still enjoying the joys of pet ownership.

Why Are Yorkies So Expensive?

One of the key advantages of Yorkies is their compact size, which allows them to navigate apartments with ease. Unlike larger dogs that might struggle to find room to stretch their legs and play, Yorkies can frolic and explore without any hindrance. Even in apartment complexes with specific rules about pet ownership, Yorkies often receive quick approval due to their small, non-threatening nature.

Apartment life often comes with space constraints, making the petite stature of Yorkies a perfect match. These dogs require less room to move around, and their energy levels are well-suited for indoor activities. While larger dogs might yearn for outdoor space to run and play, Yorkies are content with a short walk or a little playtime within the confines of an apartment.

The demand for Yorkies has steadily increased due to their suitability for apartment living. As more people choose apartment lifestyles, the need for compact and apartment-appropriate pets like Yorkies has grown. This rise in demand, coupled with their unique characteristics, has led to an increase in the price of Yorkies.


Hypoallergenic qualities in pets, such as Yorkie dogs, bring immense relief to individuals prone to allergies. These dogs, with their minimal shedding, are a sought-after choice for those sensitive to allergens like dandruff, as their coats do not release excessive hair into the air.

This shedding process, inherent in dogs and even humans, involves the natural renewal of hair follicles. The dual purpose of summer and winter coats, seen especially in working dogs accustomed to outdoor environments, is an outcome of their genetic adaptation to varying temperatures.

The convergence of hypoallergenic traits and their delightful disposition has led to a surge in demand for Yorkies. As their popularity grows, so does their price tag. The expense associated with these desirable dogs reflects not only their hypoallergenic nature, which fosters better coexistence with allergy-prone individuals but also their rich history as both efficient workers and loving companions.

In understanding the factors contributing to the higher cost of Yorkies, one must appreciate the intricate interplay between genetics, coat characteristics, and the genuine benefits they bring to those seeking a hypoallergenic pet.


The allure of purebred Yorkshire Terriers, often affectionately referred to as Yorkies, stems from a harmonious blend of carefully curated genetic pools and meticulous breeding efforts. These small, elegant dogs have captured the hearts of enthusiasts and pet lovers alike, commanding higher prices in the market due to their prestigious lineage and distinct characteristics.

Breeders of purebred Yorkies invest substantial effort in upholding the breed’s integrity and reputation. They employ comprehensive genetic tests to ensure the dogs’ purebred status, a crucial step that fosters trust among potential buyers.

While purebred dogs are celebrated for their qualities, the specter of inbreeding and its potential for defects looms. Recognizing this challenge, breeders of Yorkies strategically introduce genetic diversity to the breeding process.

This practice mitigates the risks associated with inbreeding and contributes to the overall health and vitality of the breed. The resulting puppies not only embody the desired physical and temperamental traits but also serve as a testament to the breeder’s commitment to responsible practices.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing plays a pivotal role in the realm of Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies), contributing to their premium price tag. Breeders, driven by a commitment to breeding healthy purebred Yorkies, prioritize genetic testing as an essential step in their process.

These tests serve multiple purposes, ensuring the well-being of both breeding parties and confirming the Yorkie lineage. By identifying potential health issues through genetic testing, breeders are equipped to provide comprehensive health reports to prospective owners.

This empowers potential Yorkie owners to make informed decisions about their new companions, not only in terms of emotional attachment but also in financial planning.

The significance of genetic testing becomes even more apparent in the context of breeding. Breeders employ genetic tests to prevent unintended crossbreeding, safeguarding the purity of the Yorkie lineage.

This meticulous approach prevents the introduction of genetic anomalies or traits from unrelated breeds, preserving the distinctive qualities that define Yorkies. Moreover, these tests extend beyond breeding considerations, as responsible breeders continue to prioritize the health and well-being of the puppies themselves.

While genetic testing undoubtedly adds to the expenses incurred by breeders, it offers invaluable insights into the genetic makeup of each Yorkie. Laboratories that conduct these tests charge varying fees, with some labs offering services at around $60, while others may charge closer to $200.

Show Dog Lineages

In the world of competitive dog shows, Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, reign supreme. These exquisite canines, renowned for their impeccable lineage and champion show backgrounds, epitomize excellence in the realm of dog competitions. With each graceful stride they take, their carefully curated breeding, distinctive gait, and impeccable appearance embody the very essence of a winner.

Enthusiasts of the dog show circuit are well aware that the Yorkie’s journey to victory begins long before the spotlight shines upon them. Delving into the realm of championship lines, one discovers the intricate interplay of genetics that sets these remarkable dogs apart. A Yorkie puppy born from such distinguished ancestry inherits the remarkable qualities that make champions, offering a compelling chance at success in the ring.

Yet, this pursuit of perfection comes at a price quite literally. The exclusivity of champion show lineages renders them rare and coveted. This rarity contributes to the higher price tags attached to these exceptional Yorkies.

Dedicated breeders invest tremendous effort to ensure that every puppy born from a champion line embodies the essence of its lineage. This rigorous process extends far beyond simple breeding, encompassing meticulous care and a steadfast commitment to upholding the breed’s legacy.

Reputable Breeder

Reputable breeders play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being and authenticity of Yorkies. When acquiring a Yorkshire Terrier, it’s essential to choose a reputable breeder who adheres to stringent breeding practices. These breeders prioritize the health and purity of the breed, offering purebred Yorkies that meet the standards set by organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC).

One distinguishing factor between reputable breeders and unscrupulous ones is the pricing of Yorkies. While it’s true that Yorkies from reputable breeders can be relatively more expensive, this cost reflects the extensive efforts invested in the dogs’ care, health, and overall quality.

Reputable breeders allocate substantial resources to ensure that their dames and sires are in optimal health, creating a solid foundation for the well-being of the puppies.

Reputable breeders extend their commitment to the well-being of the Yorkies beyond the initial purchase. They prioritize regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations to ensure the puppies’ continued health and happiness. This investment in healthcare not only safeguards individual dogs but also contributes to the broader improvement of the breed’s overall vitality.

Infrequent Shedding

Infrequent shedding is a distinctive characteristic that sets Yorkshire Terriers, commonly referred to as Yorkies, apart from other dog breeds. This unique trait has contributed significantly to their high demand among pet enthusiasts.

People who suffer from allergies often find Yorkies to be an ideal choice, as their infrequent shedding reduces the presence of allergens in the environment. This quality not only benefits allergy-prone individuals but also eases the maintenance burden for dog owners.

 Yorkies Low Shedding

One of the compelling advantages of owning a Yorkie, especially in comparison to breeds like the Husky, is the minimal amount of cleaning up required due to their infrequent shedding. This attribute has established infrequent shedding as a major selling point for Yorkies.

The correlation between infrequent shedding and the demand for Yorkies is evident. The scarcity of shedding-related concerns makes Yorkies a preferred choice, driving up their demand in the pet market.

This increased demand naturally leads to a rise in Yorkie prices. The economic principle of supply and demand comes into play, as the limited availability of Yorkies with their unique infrequent shedding trait further contributes to the appreciation of their market value.

Operating Costs

Operating costs play a pivotal role in shaping the pricing dynamics of Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies. For conscientious breeders, the well-being of the puppies takes precedence, driving them to allocate substantial funds to ensure optimal health conditions.

From the outset, puppies rely on their mother’s nourishing milk, a natural source of vital nutrients. However, as they mature, a seamless transition to solid sustenance becomes imperative. Breeders diligently provide the requisite hard food to facilitate this transition seamlessly.

Why Are Yorkies So Expensive?

Maintaining the mother dog’s health is paramount, as her ability to nurse her pups hinges upon receiving adequate nourishment. This essential aspect translates into another facet of operating costs, as high-quality food for both the mother and her litter incurs expenses. Moreover, early healthcare is of the essence.

In a symbiotic relationship, the quality of care and resources invested correlate with the final price tag of Yorkies. Breeders who spare no effort in prioritizing the puppies’ health and upbringing find themselves necessitating a corresponding adjustment in pricing to offset their operating costs.

Low Maintenance

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, have gained a reputation for being among the more expensive dog breeds in the market. One of the compelling factors contributing to their higher price point is their remarkable trait of being remarkably low maintenance. This key attribute holds significant appeal, particularly to pet owners seeking a companion that demands less rigorous care.

The allure of low maintenance stems from the fact that Yorkies do not require extensive walking or frequent grooming sessions. Unlike some other breeds, which necessitate daily exercise and regular trips to the groomer, Yorkies exhibit a relatively relaxed demeanor and have minimal exercise needs.

Consequently, the demand for Yorkies experiences an upward surge, driving their price upwards in response. As more pet owners seek out these charming and manageable dogs, the inherent scarcity in supply contributes to their expensive nature.

The correlation between low maintenance and popularity is evident Yorkies’ reputation for being a low-maintenance breed makes them more attractive to a broader audience.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay For A Yorkie Puppy?

When embarking on the journey to welcome a Yorkie puppy into your home, one can explore various avenues, each offering a unique perspective. An individual seeking to re-home a Yorkie puppy or even an adult dog with the genuine intention of providing a nurturing environment might find themselves fortunate enough to acquire a furry companion free of charge.

The altruistic nature of some, often referred to as good Samaritans, leads them to waive any adoption fees, focusing solely on the well-being of these delightful pets and their placement in a loving home.

However, it’s important to note that most of those looking to re-home a Yorkie puppy may opt for a reasonable “re-homing” fee. This fee serves a dual purpose: not only does it cover any medical expenses incurred to ensure the health of the puppy or dog, but it also acts as a filter to discern genuine and responsible individuals from those with potentially nefarious or irresponsible intentions.

Conversely, the world of show dogs adheres to the stringent guidelines outlined by the AKC’s breed standard. To partake in the grandeur of dog shows, prospective owners seeking a “show quality” Yorkie puppy may expect a higher investment.

This category, often exemplifying the epitome of breed excellence, commands a price point between $2,000 and $5,000, exemplifying the commitment and dedication of breeders and enthusiasts who aim to showcase the finest qualities of these endearing creatures.

At the pinnacle of the pricing hierarchy lie those Yorkie puppies whose lineage traces back to Champion parents. These extraordinary pedigrees, adorned with accolades and triumphs, might see their worth ascend to even greater heights, occasionally reaching the remarkable sum of $10,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Yorkies?

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, possess unique qualities that make them special and sought after as pets.

What is the most expensive Yorkie?

The most expensive Yorkie is typically one that comes from impeccable championship breeding, which could cost as much as $10,000.

Why do people love Yorkies so much?

The Yorkie’s popularity is largely attributed to the affectionate nature they exhibit towards their human owners.

Is a Yorkie an expensive dog?

Yes, a Yorkie can be considered an expensive dog. For a “pet quality” Yorkie puppy, you can expect to pay between $500 and $2,000.


In conclusion, the cost of Yorkshire terriers can vary significantly based on a multitude of factors. One key determinant is the meticulous breeding practices employed to ensure the development of a healthier and more robust generation of dogs.

When embarking on the journey to find the perfect furry companion, prospective pet owners should be prepared to invest time and effort into the search process. Depending on individual preferences and budgetary limitations, there is a Yorkshire terrier out there for everyone.

By carefully navigating the options available and conducting a thorough search, individuals can find the ideal puppy to become their loyal and cherished companion.